We fund development projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Our aim as a charity is to alleviate poverty and assist disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient. In order to implement these projects on the ground, Trade plus Aid® selects specialised charities or non-profit organisations as our Project Partners.


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CURRENT 06-2020

For information on charitable projects funded between 2006 - 2020 please press here

Preserving the Rainforest, Brazil               

Feeding the Destitute, Good Neighbour Project, South Africa

Championing Children, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, South Africa

Funding Education, Zambia

Improving food security and building schools, Ghana              

Skills training for the mentally-challenged, Kenya

Funding Education, Zambia            

Creating Employment South Africa  

Caring for Street Children, South Africa

Preventing HIV/AIDS, South Africa         

Harvesting Water, Northern Dafur           

Conserving Wildlife, Zambia

Educating Street Children, Mongolia

Caring for Street Children, Mongolia 

Medical Care for Leprosy Sufferers, China

Music Therapy for Street Children, Vietnam 

Providing Medical Treatment, Vietnam  

Providing Seed Capital, East Timor          

Educating Working Street Children, Afghanistan.

Conservation International, South America
Greenpeace, Worldwide
Population Concern, Worldwide
Kely Support Group, Hong Kong
Children with Leukemia, UK
RCCG Victory House, UK
Bethsaida Orphanage, India
Comic Relief, UK


Harvesting Water
By supporting after ITDG (now known as Practical Action), we can create a positive, long-lasting change for the people of Abu Digaise, Northern Darfur. Together, we can give them a future that is long-term, sustainable and for perhaps the first time - with real hope. Click here for further information on this project.



"  Sustainable
 development is about empowering two groups of disenfranchised people: the poor of today and the generations of tomorrow"
Charlotte di Vita MBE 

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