Summary of Minor Donations

Greenpeace is a non-profit organisation with a global presence. Greenpeace's goal is to ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity. Trade plus Aid has made regular payments to Greenpeace, which has made Trade plus Aid® a front-line member (total to March 2006 £550). (

Conservation International is a non-profit organisation involved in conservation-based enterprise initiatives and community development. Trade plus Aid has donated $2,372 (£1,483) funds towards their rain forest projects in Peru and Guatemala. ( )

Population Concern is a UK registered charity working for the right to reproductive healthcare worldwide. Charlotte has donated handicrafts (to the value of £350) so that they could be sold to raise funds for Population Concern. (

KELY Support Group is a Hong Kong charity that aims to encourage young people to help themselves through a variety of services where they can have positive contact with their peers. Kely offers bi-lingual, non-judgemental support to local young people so that they can find the necessary guidance to explore the many concerns facing adolescents today, including peer pressure, drug and relationship issues. Kely stands for Kids Everywhere Like You. Trade plus Aid made a donation of $25 to the Kely Support Group in 2001. (

Children with Leukaemia is a UK registered charity that works to save the lives of children with leukaemia by raising funds to provide millions of pounds for buildings, equipment and training of specialists for hospitals and universities throughout the UK. In 2001 Trade plus Aid sponsored four children (£40) to attend the charity's Amazing Great Children's Party. This annual event, supported by Sir Paul McCartney, not only gives 6000 sick, underprivileged and disabled youngsters a wonderful time but also, because everything needed for the party is donated, all sponsorship monies go directly towards their fight against the biggest child-killer disease in the UK. (

RCCG Victory House is a UK registered charity working in the community in south-east London, providing training opportunities, youth programmes, elders' support, counselling and donating food and clothing to the needy. Charlotte made a donation  of £25 to RCCG Victory House in 2002.

Marie Curie Cancer Care charity looks after almost 20,000 cancer patients in their hospices and at home. These services are entirely free.  In Dec 2003, Charlotte made a donation of £25 to Edwina Currie Jones to act as sponsor for her Marie Curie Bike Ride in Poland 12-18 Sept 2004.

The Winfield Trust charity opens the door to the world of computer skills, training, higher education and employment for people with schizophrenia and schizo-affective mental problems.  In October 2004, Charlotte made a donation of £200 to Alexandra Spencer Churchill to act as sponsor for her Zip Wire Challenge in aid of this charity. (

Bethsaida Orphanage, Kerala, India did not suffer direct damage from the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 but helped to care for the 10,000 locals who were badly affected, losing their homes and their fishing boats. Trade plus Aid made a donation of £50. (

Comic Relief was setup by comedians and uses laughter to get serious messages across and to raise funds to help end poverty and social injustice in the UK and the poorest countries in the world. Trade plus Aid made a donation of £50 to sponsor Frederick Mostert to samba in full Rio Carnival costume from Hyde Park Corner to his office in March 2005. Click here to see his certificate.(