Feeding the Destitute - Good Neighbour Project

project partner:Trade plus Aid Design Studio
location:Johannesburg, South Africa
funding period:2003 - 2006

summary: In addition to creating employment, the Trade plus Aid Design Studio has raised money from international sales of the glass products and thumb pianos to donate to the Trade plus Aid charitable trust. In 2003 the trust agreed to invest 72,906 over 4 years to fund a Good Neighbour charitable project to feed the destitute and impoverished in the Cleveland area of Johannesburg where the Trade plus Aid Design Studio is based. This community feeding scheme is coordinated together with the local Social Services and the Cleveland Police.  Trade plus Aid also offer educational grants to all the workers in Design Studio and their families, to assist them to develop their individual skills and abilities.

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For the original project proposal for the Trade plus Aid Good Neighbour Community Feeding Programme click here. (100k) 

The funding for this project has been raised through the fair trading of Woodstock Percussion, Siesta, Rainstick Trading and Felissimo.

Project Update Reports

If developing countries increased their share of world exports by just 5%, this would generate $350bn - seven times as much as they receive in aid. The $70bn that Africa would generate through a one per cent increase in its share of world exports is approximately 5 times the amount provided to the region through aid and debt relief.

-ActionAid March 2003

Cleveland has a rapidly escalating population living in informal settlements, consisting of one room shacks built out of metal scraps, cardboard and plastic sheeting

"Poverty kills nearly 30,000 children a day"

Save the Children March 2003