Championing Children

project partner:Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
location:Johannesburg, South Africa
funding period:2003-2005

summary On 7th May 2003,  the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund inaugurated  Charlotte di Vita MBE as  Goodwill Ambassador for the Fund.

The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund was set up by Nelson Mandela in 1995 in order to nurture, motivate and care for the future of children and youth. The Fund supports organisations implementing programmes and projects that empower children and youth from impoverished backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives.

As a Goodwill Ambassador, Charlotte pledged to work with the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund to create innovative fundraising initiatives to raise funds to donate to the NMCF. Charlotte guaranteed to donate a minimum of 5000 per year for at least 3 years.

Trade plus Aid's donations have been used to fund specific charitable projects in the Johannesburg area, as part of the Trade plus Aid Design Studio Good Neighbour policy.

Trade plus Aid's donation of 10,000 over the years 2003 & 2004 was used to support the work of Bethesda House, the centre for HIV positive children within the Salvation Army-run Carl Sithole Children's Centre, Soweto.

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Nelson Mandela in May 2003 at the Donor Dinner in South Africa, talking about Charlotte di Vita MBE

There are 350 million working children worldwide. Around 175 million are involved in hazardous forms of work.

Save the Children March 2003

Charlotte di Vita MBE was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the Fund