Educating Street Children

location:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
funding period:2005-2006

summary: The Christina Noble Children's Foundation has built its own schoolhouse in Ulaanbaatar because the Mongolian State Education system is in crisis and is increasingly unable to find the resources to meet the educational needs of the population. CNCF's Reintegration Classes provide informal education, in compliance with the Ministry of Education's curriculum to sixty children in the CNCF sponsorship programme and to other children who have found themselves excluded from the state system, either from want of funds or correct residential papers.

Trade plus Aid's donation of $9,860 per year for two years contributes to the costs of providing these children with education, nourishment, stability and care. Through these classes children, who would otherwise be denied an education, have the opportunity to learn to read and to write, to laugh and play with their peers and to have the opportunity to overcome the early disadvantages of their early years.

The purpose of the Reintegration Classes is to bring children who are currently outside the state system up to a level where they can be re-admitted to it. In addition to ensuring that the children receive at least a basic education and daily hot food, the project also seeks to provide the children with relief from the daily grind of their lives through extracurricular activities, such as art classes, and through excursions and celebrations of the major Mongolian festivals.

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This project is accredited to Rouse and Co and Willoughby & Partners, without whose pro bono advice there would not have been the funds available to finance this project.

"It is vital that children who have dropped out of school due to poverty have the chance to re-enter mainstream education and break the poverty cycle. The support of Trade plus Aid will make the possibility of completing the education system a distinct reality for the children in our reintegration programme."
CNCF, Mongolia

The children learn to laugh and play with their peers.

Once the children can read and write, a whole new world is opened up to them.