Providing Medical Treatment

funding period:2003

summary: In 1995 The Christina Noble Children's Foundation was made aware of the plight of a destitute community located in a remote area of Dinh Quan province, three hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City. CNCF immediately commenced investigations into the most urgent needs of the community and as a result, over the next two years, built and equipped six classrooms, constructed three water wells, and built and equipped a First Aid Station for the community.

Trade plus Aid's donation of $3,798 financed the operational needs of this First Aid Medical Station in 2003, ensuring continued medical care for the 1400 people in this poor community.

The CNCF Dinh Quan First Aid Medical Station was officially opened in August 1997. The poverty experienced by the local community, and the resultant poor standard of hygiene, had previously made the community very susceptible to malaria and many other infectious diseases. Since June 1998, CNCF has witnessed a 90% decrease in the reported incidence of malaria in the community.

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This project is accredited to Lovells, without whose pro bono legal advice there would not have been the funds available to finance this project.


"It's not just about mending bodies, it's about restoring people's independence, giving them life, not just an existence"
Christina Noble

The Dinh Quan First Aid Medical Centre provides medical care for 1400 people in this poor community