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The Trade plus AidŽ charitable trust donates funds to projects designed to alleviate poverty in some of the world's poorest communities.


Charlotte di Vita started trading in 1992 in order to establish ethical trading initiatives. These create fair employment and training opportunities in less developed countries. In addition these trading initiatives have allowed Charlotte to donate surplus profits to fund development in Africa and Asia. To date, these trading initiatives have enabled US$5,000,000 to be returned to producer communities as payment for their handicrafts.

Trade plus Aid's funds are received from trading partners. To date $369,500 has been donated to fund development projects in Africa, Asia and South America.

From the outset, all donations to the Trade plus AidŽ charitable trust have come exclusively from Charlotte's own international ethical trading initiatives. Trade plus AidŽ aims to remain self-sufficient, receiving funds, not from the public, government nor aid programmes, but through the promotion of ethical trade.

If you would like to support Trade plus Aid's charitable work, please consider purchasing enamels from the Charlotte di Vita Collections™ or glass products and musical instruments designed and produced by the Trade plus AidŽ Design Studio.



In 1998, Charlotte was honoured with the M.B.E. in recognition of her work with Trade plus Aid.



pro-bono relationships

Trade plus Aid's first development projects were in northern Ghana, funding food security programmes and building schools for impoverished farming communities in the Bawku region.




    Trade plus Aid® is a member of Ethical Junction. The Ethical Junction is a gateway to the ethical sector for people in the UK and Ireland, giving a focal point for a broad range of ethical issues and trading.    

Trade plus Aid® British Charity Registration Number 1061376