The Production Process

The Charlotte di Vita Collections™ are created using advanced quality and safety control measures, but the production methods are the same as the traditional techniques used in 18th century England. Made individually by hand, every enamel teapot may take up to four days to complete due to the intricate nature and elaborate work required and entails more than 129 skilled tasks.

Each teapot is made from 19 individually-cut, copper pieces. The copper pieces are then tied together with wires, tempered and fired in a kiln for the welding process to take effect.

Once the weld has hardened the wires are removed and the item is thoroughly cleaned before a base enamel, usually white, is applied. The item is then placed into the firing kiln once again to solidify the base enamel.

The design outline is then applied and fired. Using finehair miniature brushes, the craftspeople then handpaint individual vitreous colours one by one, with separate firings for every colour, to create lustrous enamel paintings.

It is a delicate and difficult process. If the item if over-fired even once, colours can fade and all efforts go to waste.

In all 129 tasks are required to make one teapot. Each piece is individually handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.

Intricate craftsmanship and timeless designs make the Charlotte di Vita Collections™ enamels works of art to be treasured, from generation to generation.

Where can I buy the Charlotte di Vita Collections™ teapots?