About the Charlotte di Vita Collections™ Miniature Enamel Teapots

There are currently 156 miniature enamel teapots available in the Charlotte di Vita Collections™.

Standing just 8 to 12cm high, every one of these Charlotte di Vita Collections™ miniature enamel teapots is individually hand-made and hand-painted, taking up to four days to complete and entailing more than 129 skilled tasks.

Intricate craftsmanship and timeless designs, make the Charlotte di Vita Collections works of art to be treasured, like their 17th Century counterparts, from generation to generation.

Every teapot is a genuine numbered edition collectable, back-stamp authenticated and presented with a brass tag tied by a silk cord to the handle confirming the teapot as a "Certified Original".

The teapot comes in a stunning exclusive, design-led, silk-lined gift box.

"These teapots are about raising a cup of kindness to help others. No two pieces are ever the same. Collectors love this aspect," advises Charlotte di Vita MBE.

Charlotte di Vita MBE donates funds raised through the sale of these enamel collectibles to the Trade plus Aid® charitable trust in order to finance development projects to alleviate poverty in less developed countries in Asia and Africa.

You can contribute to the work of Trade plus Aid® by purchasing one of these beautiful teapots and enjoying a collectable.

Where can I buy the Charlotte di Vita Collections™ teapots?

One of the new designs from the Rosina Wachtmeister Cat Collection