The Story of Trade plus Aid, other projects funded...

  • Tennyson House is the only shelter and safe haven for homeless girls and young women living on the streets of Durban in South Africa. In 1997, after visiting and examining the problems first-hand, Charlotte donated funds to cover the first six months' salary for a professional child-care social worker to manage the welfare of the young women. Charlotte also helped their newly appointed voluntary fund-raising manager to formulate an effective fund-raising proposal to continue to fund this work.
  • Jabulani, (Zulu for Happiness) is a self-help centre for destitute children and families in Marianhill, on the outskirts of Durban in South Africa. The project aims to empower its members in various ways to become self-sufficient. Trade plus Aid® has been assisting Jabulani ever since Charlotte's first visit in 1997 when she donated funds to buy equipment for the candle-making and carpentry workshops, creating fairly-paid work for those members who rely on Jabulani for food, clothing and medicine. In 2003, Trade plus Aid® has donated funds to expand the sewing workshop in order to help the project to produce practical garments to sell to the local community.
  • Conservation International which is a non-profit organisation involved in conservation-based enterprise initiatives and community development. Trade plus Aid donated US$2,372 towards their rain forest projects in Peru and Guatemala.
  • More recently, in 2002, Trade plus Aid assisted a music specialist to travel and work in Vietnam as a volunteer with the Christina Noble Children's Foundation and to buy musical instruments for her music therapy work with street children in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • In 2002 Charlotte di Vita joined a group of Hong Kong Rotarians to visit leprosy sufferers in four very isolated villages in western China. Trade plus Aid donated money to provide children's clothing and school bags and stationery. Charlotte also introduced The Rotary Club of Hong Kong South to HANDA, the Chinese self-help organisation, and together they are developing a strategy to aid these impoverished communities. HANDA was set up by a Chinese doctor in 1996 to develop self-help programmes and give medical aid to leprosy (Hansen's Disease) sufferers in China.

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Poster created by former street children at Tennyson House.

Jabulani assists to educate the children of destitute families in South Africa.

Music Therapy in action at the Christina Noble Children's Foundation in Vietnam.